Call for human rights in Palestine

The month of October has so far been a terrible time in Palestine. Following tension around the Al Aqaa Mosque when settlers and the Israeli army entered it in early September,  and the increasing involvement of the armed settler movement, thersettlement proteste has been increasing trouble. The Israeli government gave notice of a shoot to kill policy against demonstrators. In October, serious bloodshed started: we have in the last three weeks seen so many terrible videos of people young and old shot, killed, left bleeding, and some of them very young. In this time, more than 30 Palestinians have lost their lives and several Israelis; more than 1000 Palestinians have been injured, some of them very seriously. We have seen videos of weapons being left by soldiers next to bodies as if to excuse their killing. The fear and tension is huge but the underlying problem is not new. Behind it all is the Israeli occupation,  deep racism and with it the serious and systematic violations of human rights of Palestinians that must be addressed very urgently.

CADFA have made a new petition, which can be found HERE. We presented the first 300 signatures to our MP, Keir Starmer (see picture). We are still collecting and would appreciate your help.



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