CADFA protest against settlements

settlement picA painting was done by CADFA volunteers for a protest to highlight the racism and violence of the Israeli settlement project.  It shows settlement housing on a hill protected by the Israeli military while settlers attack a local Palestinian village. The volunteers drew in a church and a mosque to show this is not a religious issue: all Palestinians are under threat.

The horrendous arson attack by Israeli settlers on a Palestinian family house near Nablus on 31st July 2015 killed a toddler of 18 months, Ali Dawabsha, and a few days later left his family badly burned and struggling to survive. This attack was not the first, and attacks have continued since then.

Racism and bullying have been part of the Israeli settlement project from the beginning. This is a project to take over land without the Palestinian people, so land has been taken by theft and force and the local people have been progressively pushed back by just such tactics as happened on 31st July. In Jerusalem, in Hebron, in the villages of the West Bank, people are regularly bullied by armed and violent Israeli settlers. Palestinians have been pushed or frightened from their houses, beaten, injured or killed by settler violence and by the  Israeli army working to protect the settlers, ever since the Israeli occupation began.

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