Proposed Palestinian teachers’ visit to UK

This is to let you know about the Palestinian teachers’ visit to the UK that we hope to be organising in the autumn or in January 2016 (we are currently seeking the best dates). IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, LET US KNOW!!

The objectives of this project are:

• To strengthen the links between schools and youth organisations in the two countries
•To create an opportunity for teachers from the UK and Palestine to meet, learn about each other’s lives
•To increase their awareness of human rights issues and their will to challenge discrimination
• To help them develop skills in ‘twinning’ work for schools and youth clubs and enable them to plan projects together to strengthen this work.

To date, Erasmus + has promised us funding for just one of the phases of the project.  This will bring fourteen teachers from Palestine to the UK in autumn/ winter 2015/16.  We remain hopeful of getting funding for the second phase which would take fourteen teachers from the UK to Palestine later in the year.

Teachers involved in the project will learn about each other’s countries, lives and work as teachers and the situation of schools and young people there.  They will explore school/ youth twinning links and the ways in which they can enable young people to learn about each other’s lives and challenge discrimination.  Based on this, they will work together to make materials and build a series of small linked projects that to spread and strengthen the links between their schools.  If have agreement to the second part of the project (as we hope), there will be time too to review together and disseminate this work to other teachers and schools.

What next?

We are keen to know of schools, teachers, local twinning groups who would be interested in taking some part in this project – the earlier the better as we can be more flexible if we know soon!

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