Linking together for human rights

EVS in Britain

EVS project funded by Erasmus + 2014-2016Dunja youthpass

This exciting project will offer an opportunity for youth from the Middle East and Europe to work together in a new way. The project will help them develop understanding and solidarity between them as they create and run activities to support the work of Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA) including communication with twinned organisations in Palestine.

Young volunteers from Palestine will work alongside  young people from France, Spain and Germany. They will be based at CADFA’s office in Camden. Drawing on experience from their own cultures and areas of their own interest/ competence, they will help with events and activities in Camden and with CADFA’s partner twinning groups.


Men and women aged 18-30 who can take part in the preparation period and commit to take part in follow-up activity. There are no requirements for specific skills – the criteria will be that

(1) they are flexible and open to new experiences

(2) that they are interested in people different from them and to want to work with them

(3) that they see their time as a volunteer as an opportunity to learn

(4) they would like to learn about life, culture and the human rights situation in Britain and prepared to communicate about life, culture and human rights situation

(5) they would like to offer their skills (which could be a number of things) in exchange for this opportunity to learn

(6) they are prepared to work on a voluntary basis, full-time, and are prepared to be punctual, reliable, respectful and co-operative.



The role of the volunteers will be to help Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association to strengthen the links between Camden and Abu Dis and CADFA’s work on human rights. Their activities will include

(1) Helping support the work of CADFA,

  • working with the Camden Abu Dis links groups
  • helping organise events/ visits etc
  • helping other organisations with speakers, information stalls, exhibitions, material, advice – either in the office or visiting the organisations
  • keeping the office going (phone, admin, etc)

(2) Focusing on Camden-Abu Dis communication,

  • working on the CADFA website
  • linking to organisations in Abu Dis through blogs and emails
  • preparing exhibitions, materials, leaflets, a magazine
  • helping to create and run activities to keep twinning links alive
  • helping with activities in schools, universities, local youth clubs
  • help running clubs or doing activities in areas of their own interest/ competence (could be sports, arts, embroidery, dance, computers, film etc)
  • helping to make resources
  • helping those organisations to communicate with the twinned organisations in Abu Dis through emails, Skype calls, website, blogs, newsletters

(4) Helping prepare, run and follow-up visits to and from Palestine

  • helping to escort/ induct visitors and to run events
  • helping to collect material together for additional dissemination afterwards, including events.

(5) Helping our work in building and supporting twinning groups in other areas,

  • demonstrating cultural skills
  • contributing their own experience to comparison of different cultures
  • helping run events
  • gathering information
  • Creating blogs/ web pages etc to communicate with groups in Palestine or Europe


  • To attend preparation sessions before going
  • To work full timeas a volunteer with CADFA in the UK
  • To attend review and evaluation sessions with their sending organiation on return, to plan and take part in follow-up activities and dissemination of their experiences


Air tickets, accommodation, living expenses, insurance.

Support before, during and following the volunteer placement



Please send a CV and a letter about yourself and why you are interested in taking part to: