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Our exciting gcompressed imageirls’ football project happened!  The girls’ 13-15 football team from Abu Dis Youth Club in Palestine had a wonderful time meeting tyoung people in the UK and play football in several parts of the country between 23rd November and 3rd December 2019. More info on the blog and a short report of a stunning experience for so many will be out soon! 

Press release here.  List of public events here . Blog hereFeedback form hereDonation link here. (Please add the reference 19YV so your money will reach the football visit) The background to the project explained here. More info  from


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CADFA are very happy to be working in this project with our partners in Palestine, Dar Assadaqa and Abu Dis Youth Club. In the UK we have partners in Camden, Islington, Merton, Waltham Forest and Pendle, Lancashire, and are supported by others in Bristol, Scotland, north, south and and east London. Our many friends have made an amazing fundraising effort through crowdfunders, birthday appeals, football tournaments, events, small grants and individual donations.صورة البنات فطبول

We were at first disappointed in our bid for funding to the EU Erasmus fund but then we were inspired by the energy and help of hundreds of people young and old in making this visit happen.

We and the Abu Dis girls want to thank them all!


The Palestinian girls come from the small town of Abu Dis, which is in the Jerusalem suburb but cut off from the centre of the city by the Israeli separation wall.  On the other sides of town, more and more land is taken for Israeli settlements, checkpoints and military bases.  As the population rises, and the space available to play gets built youth club logoon, the young people of Abu Dis are increasingly confined.

This visit to the UK makes a window to the world for these young people and (through them) for their families and friends. It will allow them to tell their stories to young people of their age in Britain and help young people in the UK broaden their sympathies by spending time with young people from a different place. The project will take place in Merton, Pendle,  Mid-Wales, Camden and Waltham Forest and in each place there will be football tournaments, activities with young people, visits to schools and youth clubs and public events.
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