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Landgrab: occupation 1967, annexation 2020

June 6 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Early June is the anniversary of the six-day war when East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza were occupied by Israel, 1967 om sabbahthe rest of Palestine having been taken nineteen years earlier. Although the United Nations called on Israel to leave the West Bank, it has made no attempt to do so. In June 1967 itself, the Israelis annexed Jerusalem to Israel, claiming it as theirs and insisting firmly on its separation from the West Bank. From 1967, the West Bank has been occupied by the Israeli military and increasingly built over for Israeli settlers and military installations, its water and resources taken to Israeli and its people – still living under military law – subject to systematic human rights violations and second-class in a deeply entrenched system of apartheid. What does the Israeli move to annexe the West Bank (or big swathes of it) mean for the Palestinians and their human rights? Will it be different from the apartheid they live under? Will there be new opportunities or will they lose more? What can they do? And what is the role of supporters of human rights? This important session will look back at the first days of June 1967, hear about the differences between the Palestinian Jerusalemites and West Bankers since that time, and consider the prospect of annexation, for which the Israeli government has fixed the date 1st July. Programme for 6th June Stories from 1967 – readers to be confirmed Poem – chosen and read by AbirEriqat, Abu Dis Song – chosen and sung by Fathea Abu Hilal, Abu Dis Jerusalem and annexation – Dr Munir Nusseibeh, Al Quds University Old City of Jerusalem West Bank and apartheid– AbdulwahabSabbah, CADFA Abu Dis Annexation Discussion – chaired by Nandita Dowson, CADFA


June 6
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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