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Erasmus + visits to Palestine agreed!


GREAT NEWS FOR CADFA THIS YEAR! Our 10th October birthday celebration will become a big celebration of another CADFA first! A whole programme of twinning exchange visits to Palestine has been agreed by Erasmus + (EU funding). (This is at a time when things are very grim in Palestine and around Jerusalem* – Abu Dis itself is surrounded by extra ‘flying checkpoints’ – news of imprisoned children, shootings and deaths … Read More →

Momen tells of his time with CADFA

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The picture shows Momen (on the left) on his first day in London as an EVS volunteer, in April. He is one of hundreds of young people who have taken part in CADFA projects, and one of dozens who have taken part in our EVS (European Voluntary Service) projects. His first involvement was as a participant in our youth visit to London in summer 2013. He then went on working with … Read More →

Dar Assadaqa summer camp starts in a hot Abu Dis!

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It’s really hot in the Middle East this summer – “we are all burning up with the heat” say friends in Abu Dis.  But inside the old building of Dar Assadaqa, CADFA volunteers from the UK are helping with the second children’s summer camp of the year (the first was before Ramadan). Young people are taking part in art, drama, sport and games. One of the volunteers has made a fundraising page … Read More →

CADFA film


CADFA film – These are films made by us, through our projects or by film-makers with our help. Also see our Youtube channel Stories from our Mothers Don’t Divide Us Born Behind the Wall I Want to See the Football The New Map of Abu Dis The Great Wall of Palestine Animated film from our exchange projects