Linking together for human rights

A wonderful youth exchange

end of exchange

  This photo was taken during the evaluation session of the Ma’an-Together project yesterday, when French, British and Palestinian participants agreed that it had been an unforgettable experience with more exchange, reflection and learning than we could have imagined. There were many lovely, surprising and funny moments – and also real sadness and shock for the Europeans to discover what living under occupation means for all aspects of life for … Read More →

Ma’an project youth exchange in France

jamila 4

The second part of the CADFA Ma’an project was a youth exchange with young people from Palestine, the UK and France together in France.  The plan was to do this in Bordeaux but owing to a change of partners, this exchange moved to Aubervilliers in the Paris banlieue. What an interesting exchange for everyone involved!  It focused on discrimination, not just in Palestine but in Europe. Some reports can be … Read More →

Ma’an project now in France

meeting 1

The next stage of CADFA’s Ma’an-Together project is a youth exchange in France, with new partners in the Paris banlieue. This is a very new experience for everyone, introducing a new language into the equation as well as hearing new things about each other’s lives (and the Palestinians shocked at seeing young people in France chased around by armed police…). In this picture, young people are swapping experiences and discussing discrimination. “Issa is speaking, … Read More →

Palestine Summer School begins


We were very glad to hear that the visitors from the UK travelling to Palestine had an easier time than usual at the notorious Tel Aviv airport – Unlike our recent groups who had very lengthy waits, this time it was half an hour only, and they were through and off on their way to Abu Dis, where  they are being hosted in a project jointly run by CADFA and … Read More →

Ma’an project public events


The first exchange of the Ma’an- Together project, a leaders’ training exchange that was held in June-July 2 017, also gave us the opportunity to meet local people in Llanidloes, Knighton and Camden. Our visitors from France and Palestine as well as the people from CADFA  discussed the situation of young people in their own countries. Issues of discrimination in Europe were discussed as well as human rights in Palestine. We … Read More →

“I haven’t stopped thinking about it”

Sameha photo exaption

People who have visited Palestine usually don’t forget what they see, and last year’s CADFA youth visitors were no exception. Good luck to Samiha who has just finished her BTech in Textile Design at a Camden college, and made a final exhibition of work  on a model of the  Israeli Separation Wall that brutally divides Abu Dis. Her pieces incorporate images and issues from Palestine into her work.