Linking together for human rights

Public events during the Ma’an project youth visit

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Preparations are in full swing for the next youth exchange in the CADFA Ma’an-Together project which will take place later in September. The first two youth exchanges in this project were in France in October last year and in Palestine in April this year – this exchange in the UK draws on the discussions of anti-discrimination and human rights during those projects and will focus on 2getting our voice outwards” … Read More →

CADFA statement in relation to the IHRA definition of anti-semitism and free speech on Israel/ Palestine

CADFA as a charity doesn’t stand for or promote any political party and this statement addresses the crisis within the Labour Party because of its wider implications for everyone in Britain working for human rights, in particular in relation to Palestine.   We urge the Labour NEC and also those responsible for other parties, councils, the government and public bodies NOT to adopt the full IHRA definition of anti-semitism and in … Read More →

Volunteer in Palestine?

Pauline and Kifah

Since our most recent volunteers left Abu Dis last week, lots of people have been asking when the next volunteers are coming. Have a look at our women’s blog and the Abu Dis volunteers’ blog for a taste of the experiences of the most recent people there, working with young people and women. Here is a picture of Pauline (one of the summer volunteers) in a local school. If you might … Read More →

Welcome to Abu Dis


One of our new volunteers in Abu Dis has written a moving and interesting first blog post. We are posting it below and suggest keeping an eye on the blog: The fan is gently wafting the warm air in the bedroom of the Guest house as I write.  It is the end of our first full day in Abu Dis. Flo has arrived completing our group and Yas and I have returned … Read More →

Abu Dis kids enjoying the Dar Assadaqa summer camp


In the long, hot summer holiday, any children need the opportunity for organised activities as well as the time to run around outside. The second is more difficult in Abu Dis where space is increasingly constricted (the “realities on the ground” of the Israeli occupation are pressing in – the Wall, the settlements, the checkpoints – making it a big affair to go outside of town). So local organisations often … Read More →