Linking together for human rights

Please sign the Visa Equality petition.


  The picture shows four young visitors at the end of a CADFA visit to Palestine giving a presentation about what had struck them during their time there. They were appalled to see the refugee camps, where people have been living for over 60 years in the hope of going back to their homeland; the Separation Wall, that restricts movement and cuts people off from land, jobs and services; the … Read More →

Visit to Keir Starmer MP


CADFA members and visitors from Palestine visited our MP Keir Starmer to talk about the situation in Palestine and to ask for his support in the campaign for visa equality. We argue that while Israel holds on to Palestinian land and builds on it on defiance of International law, the UK should either treat Palestinians like Israelis (no visas needed for UK) or Israelis like Palestinians (long, expensive and complicated … Read More →

Calling for visa equality.

We need to call on our government here in Britain to implement visa equality between Israelis and Palestinians. This is a call for equality, anti-discrimination, consistency and human rights. This is not just a practical issue about the way visas work. As I write, our Palestinian friends have had a long long road to travel to get the visas for our final Twinning in Action exchange. Half of the answers … Read More →

Calling on the ICRC to defend the rights of hunger-striking prisoners

prisoner tent 2 Abu Dis spring 2017

The hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners has been going on; this is a result of the Israeli government’s decision to make prisoners’ lives harder and increase humiliating ‘procedures’ against them. It is amazing that thousands of people can be going through a horrendous hunger strike and that it is so little noted in the outside world.

Time for urgent action in Palestine. Letter to our representatives.


At the end of their time in Palestine, the UK members of the twinning visit decided to send a letter to MPs, MEPs and other policy makers. This is it… Dear …. We have just taken part in the Twinning in Action programme* and have been in Palestine for twelve days. During this time, we have visited villages, towns, refugee camps, the countryside, Jerusalem, a Bedouin community, universities, schools, youth … Read More →