Linking together for human rights

Waleed Sharaf

waleed sharaf

Please sign the petition to FREE WALEED who is very unwell and held in Israeli prison under administrative detention (ie without a charge). Note, the picture is old and comes from one of CADFA’s human reports in 2010 when Waleed was imprisoned as a child (picture taken in prison). Petition is HERE  

Please sign to call on the UK government to take some responsibility


Please sign the new declaration, begun on 2/11/17, one hundred years after the Balfour Declaration which – through and after the British Mandate in Palestine – put the British government’s support behind moves that have caused untold misery to millions of people. (The picture is just one example – some of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in 1948 waiting for UN rations) This new declaration from ordinary people states the importance of … Read More →

Take the army from the schools.

school street

We are asking everyone to raise this issue with their representatives. Our Palestinian friends are asking for protection for their boys, whose education, health and future is being put at risk by the frequent provocation of Israeli soldiers at the gates of the three boys’ schools in town. There is no reason for the frequent presence of the army other than to provoke, and this report (here) is shocking. Please read … Read More →

Four focuses for CADFA’s International Women’s Day celebration


Today is CADFA’s in­ternational women’s day celebration in London! (In Palestine, CADFA will also ta­ke part in an Intern­ational Women’s Day celebration with Dar Assadaqa and the Ge­nder Studies Centre at the Al Quds Unive­rsity) We’re very mu­ch looking forward to celebrating with Palestinian food, int­ernational music and dabkeh dance from Palestine as well as speakers from the UK (Baroness Jenny Ton­ge) and Palestine (S­hahd Abusalama from Gaza and – … Read More →

Please sign the Visa Equality petition.


  The picture shows four young visitors at the end of a CADFA visit to Palestine giving a presentation about what had struck them during their time there. They were appalled to see the refugee camps, where people have been living for over 60 years in the hope of going back to their homeland; the Separation Wall, that restricts movement and cuts people off from land, jobs and services; the … Read More →

Visit to Keir Starmer MP


CADFA members and visitors from Palestine visited our MP Keir Starmer to talk about the situation in Palestine and to ask for his support in the campaign for visa equality. We argue that while Israel holds on to Palestinian land and builds on it on defiance of International law, the UK should either treat Palestinians like Israelis (no visas needed for UK) or Israelis like Palestinians (long, expensive and complicated … Read More →