Linking together for human rights

Report from the Twinning in Action project

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Twinning in Action was a very special CADFA project funded by Erasmus + (European Union) and the fund-raising efforts of CADFA’s members and supporters. It ran between September 2014 and September 2016, and included three UK-Palestinian youth workers’ training exchanges and six youth exchanges for young people from Palestine and the UK (women, university students, school-age young people).   SEE THE REPORT HERE CADFA brings people together to promote human rights … Read More →

A year of action for a reason


CADFA’s Annual Report 2015-16 shows a year full of activity, in Camden, in Abu Dis, in exchanges between Britain and Palestine; with women, with university students, with young people and others. It also discusses the human rights situation in Abu Dis and Palestine between April 2015 and March 2016 – All this action is for a reason: to raise awareness and work for human rights in Palestine. Linking together for human … Read More →

A busy autumn for CADFA

CADFA is gearing up now for an autumn of exchanges between the UK and Palestine.  In early September, the final group exchange of the Twinning in Action project will be an evaluation exchange of leaders from the two countries. The leaders will look at the work done over the past two years and consider what has been learned from the amazing series of exchanges to the UK and Palestine – … Read More →

A busy autumn for CADFA

Info on Twinning in Action women

CADFA is gearing up for three exciting exchanges this autumn and working to prepare for others in the future. The final exchange in the wonderful Twinning in Action project will take place in early September. Sixteen Palestinian leaders from the students’, women’s and youth links teams in Palestine will join the leaders from the UK who have worked on the past eight Twinning in Action exchanges (see the blog here) … Read More →

12 years of Camden Abu Dis links | Book offer

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Twelve years ago yesterday we started the link between Camden and Abu Dis. This has grown massively in strength since that time: we have made the name of each other’s towns famous in our own towns and in Britain we have raised the level of understanding of the human rights situation in Palestine enormously.  Thousands of people have been involved in our projects during this time and we want to say a … Read More →