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New Horizons Summer Camp

المخيم الصيفي 2المخيم الصيفي 3The second children’s summer camp at Dar Assadaqa 2019 was called New Horizons – as well as creative activities in Dar Assadaqa, the young people enjoyed outings to other part of the West Bank – Here, they were visiting Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem – an entirely new place for all of them. They visited Lajee Centre and Ar Rowwaad Centre before going to the middle of Bethlehem and summer camp 2seeing the sights – again, new to many of them.  Although Bethlehem is very close to Abu Dis, it is on the other side of Wad in Naar and the Israeli Container checkpoint.

المخيم الصيفي 4

المخيم الصيفي

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