Linking together for human rights

Palestine Summer School begins


We were very glad to hear that the visitors from the UK travelling to Palestine had an easier time than usual at the notorious Tel Aviv airport – Unlike our recent groups who had very lengthy waits, this time it was half an hour only, and they were through and off on their way to Abu Dis, where  they are being hosted in a project jointly run by CADFA and … Read More →

CADFA has a new home

CADFA has moved to a new home in Kentish Town. We are now based downstairs at Cafe Palestina – a new venue for Palestinian food and crafts which will be opening soon. We look forward to seeing you there!

Rebuild the school the Israelis have demolished.


Please sign our petition, which we have written to Alistair Burt, Minister of State for the Middle East. “We are outraged to hear of the destruction of a nursery school by the Israeli army and ask you urgently to raise this with the Israelis – the school should be rebuilt and the children and their education protected! Sad messages from parents say that the children were looking forward to the … Read More →

Summer school at Dar Assadaqa

youth camp

The 12th CADFA/Assadaqa summer camp in Abu Dis took place between 25th July and 18th August with the help of volunteers from London. It was particularly important this year for young people in Abu Dis to have  a break from the tension of a town where two young people had just been killed – and their families and the whole community were grieving. The young people very much enjoyed craft … Read More →

Young life lost

محمد خلف لافي

Today was a terrible day in Palestine and several young people were killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Among them, a young man from Abu Dis, a towjehi (A level) student, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in the middle of Abu Dis today and buried this evening. Mohammed was a good student at the Arab Institute School in Abu Dis, and apparently only yesterday heard that he … Read More →

Worrying about today in Jerusalem.

21-7- street event

Worrying about today in Jerusalem. Anyone who has been to Hebron – for example on a CADFA visit to Palestine – knows the bad situation with the Ibrahimi Mosque closed off with Israeli army checkpoints and turnstiles and searches and metal detectors This is what the Israelis are trying to do to the Al Aqsa in Jerusalem – already it’s hard for Palestinians to get to the city with walls, … Read More →