Linking together for human rights

Our work offers an opportunity for young Palestinians and young people in Britain to experience a world outside their own. This strengthens their interest in human rights and builds their own confidence and skills. Help to support Dar Assadaqa Community Centre, Abu Dis, our exchange visits and many other creative projects.

CADFA volunteers in Palestine and Britain work to maintain communication between schools and other organisations in the two countries. Volunteering with CADFA is a great opportunity to learn about Palestine, human rights and to share your language and your skills.

CADFA’s regular human rights visits to Palestine are run by Palestinians. They are serious visits for people wanting to understand what people’s lives are like under Israeli occupation. They will also take you to historic and beautiful places, give you a chance to experience Palestine's rich culture and enable you to meet a wide range of people.

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CADFA works to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Palestine. Join us to campaign for human rights in the streets, in local organisations, in letters and visits to policy makers - and sign our petition.

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Learn more about people's lives in Palestine through talks by CADFA visitors, our films made in Palestine and from our books of stories by women, children and other people from Abu Dis.


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CADFA is participating in EVS

CADFA is proud to be participating in the European Commission’s European Voluntary Service (EVS) where we are sending groups of volunteers to Abu Dis to contribute to our twinning links.


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